Open source WebGL viewer for IFC models

BIM Surfer is an open source webbased viewer for the visualisation of IFC/BIM models based on WebGL. Get ready to surf your BIM just like you surf the web!

BIMsurfer is recently rebuild (almost) from scratch.

Please beware that this is a project on the move. We invite everybody to try this software but warn you that it might not work intuitive and fluently. This is an open source project and the developers do not have time to take your hand and help you. Please read the instructions and have some patience while testing it. Have fun!

Run it yourself:

Get the source from github.
Specifically look at one of the examples.

- A web browser with support for HTML5 Canvas and WebGL extension (Firefox, Chrome, maybe some more).
- IFC models on a running version 1.3 (beta) of the open source BIMserver.

BIM Surfer is an initiative from the open source BIM collective. The base is created in 2011 by Rehno Lindeque. In 2012 enhancements were made by Robert Zach (, Kaltenriner Christoph (, and Leichtfried Michael ( from TU Vienna - Institute BPI
Recently (2014) it was rewritten to act more like a configurable module. This makes it much (much!) easier to use it in your own application. Most of this work was done by the Netherlands organisation for applied scientific research TNO.

Language: Javascript
Based on: SceneJS
License: Affero.


The best way how to submit code to the project is to fork our repository at GitHub:
We also use the community forum from the open source BIM collective. Feel free to interact with other developers to help answer your questions.
Then prepare a new branch with a new feature and post a pull request. We will review your code and commit it into the official BIM Surfer code base. Alternatively you can also attach a patch into our issue tracker, if your prefer this way of code submission.
We are looking forward to your contribution!

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